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Is hiring on the rebound in Singapore?

by on February 5, 2010

We know that there is reserved optimism about the outlook for new jobs in Singapore in 2010. While there is definitely good news, that optimism should remain just that, reserved.

The latest employment outlook surveys conducted by a few Singapore employment consultancies, point to a clear uptick in new job creation and there is a feeling that the prospects for employment may return to pre-crisis levels.    This is especially good news for Singapore, which recently had one of the worst employment outlooks among the APAC ountries and territories.

Now, some slightly bad news.  Law firms are often slower to hire than other companies for a variety of reasons.  Currently, many American and U.K.  firms are waiting for things to pick up in their home economies.  Add to that the fact that firms can temporarily or permanently transfer lawyers from their home countries to Asia, and it makes for a slower recovery in the legal sector.   This has left the lateral hiring market in Singapore a bit overcrowded in recent quarters. The competition is fierce, as the big firms have quite a selection of strong candidates vying for positions when they do decide to hire.   However, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and do in fact have a number of excellent opportunities for mid-level and senior associates, as well as partner openings.

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