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City Guide: Welcome to Singapore

by on February 15, 2010

So you’ve decided to move to Singapore, hopefully with a job already in place, but perhaps not.  As we mentioned in our inaugural Hong Kong city guide post, the transition to a new country will generally go much more smoothly if you are arriving under the auspices of a firm.  Firm’s will have a staff dedicate to providing you with assistance and resources to help you survive the relocation process.  However, there are so many things to consider, that even the most dedicated staff can’t always help you with some of the questions you will have.  For example: here are just a few things you’ll have to deal with upon arriving in Singapore:

– What are the visa requirements for you and your family?

– What kind of transportation is available and will you be getting a car and local license?

– If you don’t have a job, what’s the best place to look for open positions? (we of course have an opinion about that)

– How does taxation work for an expat living in Singapore?

– What areas are best suited your family’s housing needs?

– What schools are the right fit for your children?

We could go on forever, but you get the picture.  Not only will you have to answer some of these more common questions, but you’ll also find yourself with questions you may not have anticipated.  Perhaps your kids coerced you into getting a pet, where do you find one and where do you find a good groomer?  These kinds of daily life questions will come up frequently and we hope that this will be a helpful supplement to the city guides on our website.

Of course, as always, when moving to a new country the first thing you should do is find the government’s website which will not answer all of your questions, but will certainly point you in the right direction for getting help in answering some of the bigger ones.

So, if you are moving to Singapore, please do start by having a look at the Singapore Government web site.


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