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Online Social Networking and Recruitment

by on March 3, 2010

One of the reasons that we started this blog was to use new mediums to connect with our clients and candidates.  In a world where most people have a Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin or blog account, we thought it made sense to try to use some of these tools to provide you with information and news, as well as get feedback.  But, we thought that a blog was the best way to start since we are aware that many people are not that interested in getting tweets about what we had for breakfast or what we think about Chinese case law.  That said, we also believe that we can continue to communicate in more traditional ways and perhaps use the blog to as a bridge of sorts. To that end, we’ve released our latest news letter which discusses, you guessed it…social netorking and the recruitment industry.  Here’s a brief excerpt, but please do have a look at the full article:

“Online social networking is a phenomenon that, in only a short period of time, has fundamentally impacted the way people interact with one another. From a recruitment perspective, it is an area that is becoming increasingly important as the amount of information that is available online about both individuals and employers, through this kind of media, grows at a rapid rate. It offers new opportunities for candidates and prospective employers to promote and market themselves. However, it also has the potential to give employers an insight into the personal lives of candidates, and for “unofficial sources” to provide inside information about employers, which will sometimes include matters they would rather keep private.

Increasingly, on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, more formal methods of advertising and seeking jobs are being developed, typically by way of applications that are being developed for these very purposes. However, within this article I want to focus on the more informal uses of these sites by job seekers and employers.”

Read the full article…


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