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Interview Tips: Be Prepared!

by on March 24, 2010

So, you have gotten yourself an interview for a great new job.  Now what do you need to do to make sure you make the most of the opportunity?  Your interview is crucial, because you are competing with candidates that have similar backgrounds, education and career experience, so you need to convey what in particular sets you apart from your peers.  In order to nail down an offer, you’ll need to be prepared to handle any questions that you get, as well as demonstrate an understanding of the firm’s practice and what the interviewer is looking for.  There are some fairly simple things that you can do to get a leg up, but that some people often fail to follow through on:

1. General Preparation – Do some research on the firm beforehand.  Posing one insightful question about the firm, which shows that have done some detailed research, may perhaps impress your interviewer more than anything in your CV.  But do be prepared to talk confidently about anything referred to in your CV and have quality questions ready to ask at the end of the interview to show that you have been trying to learn during the interview rather than just trying to sell yourself.

2. Punctuality – Don’t ever, ever be late.  If you have to give yourself an extra hour to make sure you arrive on time, do it.  Being an hour early is a thousand times better than being one minute late.

3. Presentation – Dress professionally and err on the side of the conservative.  Often, candidates may be interviewing for in-house positions with a casual atmosphere and work culture.  Your interviewer may not even be wearing a suit, but you should be!

4.   Remain Calm – Don’t fidget, glance around or provide rambling answers.  If you are not sure what is being asked of you, request clarification and take a moment to formulate your answer.  A delay in answering with the right answer is always better than quickly responding with the wrong one.

5. Be positive and remember that if you are getting an interview, you likely possess the skills and experience that the employer is looking for and half the battle is already won!

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