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China Insight: The Google Effect

by on March 25, 2010

I just found a new interview on CNBC’s Power Lunch with Dan Harris of the China Law Blog.  Harris discusses the impact that Google’s exit from China will have on foreign businesses operating or considering operating in China.  I’ve recently touched on this issue (and will continue to do so while trying not to bore you), but I think the ramifications are so far-reaching, and will set the tone for China’s development into a more open economy, that any new discussions about the standoff need to be followed.

To view the full interview, click HERE

For the record, some good points made by the guests, the hosts on the other hand? They seem to be missing some very simple points about why Google’s core business is what makes it unique compared to other companies trying to operate in China. Also, as much as we champion the growth of the Asian Markets and the employment opportunities they present, not every company has to do business in China.  Certainly China’s emergence as an economic power make it an attractive place for international companies to try to expand, but there are thousands and thousands of major companies that do business everyday with no connections to China and with no plans to suddenly start operating here.

So, yes, I am in the “Google made the right move.” camp.


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