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Asia Insight: Australian Network for Japanese Law

by on May 11, 2010

Foreign attorneys often have a difficult time finding and accessing Japanese legal resources, whether they are practicing in Japan or simply want to keep on top of legal issues and developments. An excellent source of information is the Australian Network for Japanese Law.

The ANJeL network includes more than 350 scholars, practitioners, policy-makers, senior students and others interested in Japanese law.  Members are from Australia, Japan, the U.K., the United States and the rest of the world.  ANJeL organises research events to encourage intellectual and public debate on issues of Japanese law. These events range from international conferences, continuing legal education seminars to informal discussion workshops. ANJeL promotes research on Japanese law and supports research by Japanese scholars of Australian law. The ANJeL website hosts resources on Japanese law for researchers and a selection of publications by ANJeL scholars in Australia and elsewhere.  This includes a  comprehensive guide to a wide array of English online resources about Japanese law including, web-links to legislation, case law, international treaties, governmental and non-governmental organisations, law journals, and other research information.

ANJeL also collaborates in promoting the multi-lingual Zeitschrift fuer Japanisches Recht / Journal of Japanese Law, the only Japan-specific law journal published in Western languages. ANJeL encourages members and associates to make submissions on any aspect of Japanese law and justice.  ANJeL also engages a many media and consultancy activities.   ANJeL members and associates can also keep up to date by subscribing to their  e-newsletters.


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