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Asia Insight: More Australian firms consider moving into Asia?

by on June 9, 2010

More and more law firms are moving into the APAC region in China and Singapore, but also Australia, Japan and other potentially lucrative markets.  Not only are U.S. and U.K. firms looking at Asia, but Australian firms are looking to establish beachheads in Northern Asia to take advantage of rebounding economies and a growing need for legal expertise on the part of expansion-minded Asian companies.

Clayton Utz, for example, has operated for the last twenty years with relationships-based strategy, but has recently opted to open a  Hong Kong office. While their Managing Partner David Fagan said that they would not abandon partnerships with local firms, it seems clear that a trend is building for firms to establish direct footholds in China and other Asian legal hot spots.

ALB News looked into the phenomenon and offers up some analysis:

“The mysteries of Clayton Utz aside,now is the time for firms to take a close look at their Asia credentials. Such an analysis may or may not result in a change of policy. It is worth noting that some of the new ventures – particularly Blake Dawson’s foray into Tokyo – have attracted some scepticism about exactly what is to be gained from pushing further into a market which is already well served by Australians. In the end, the matter comes down to a reprisal of that familiar debate about what a physical presence in a given jurisdiction adds to any given relationship.” Read the full article…

While there are pros and cons to consider on a firm by firm basis, it seems clear that international firms are continuing to view Hong Kong, China, Japan and other Asian markets as the most potentially lucrative markets in which to expand their recruitment efforts.  We can attest to this view as we continue to have openings for legal professionals who are seeking jobs ranging from secretary to senior partner.  To view our latest offerings, please visit our jobs search page.


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