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Legal Tech News: New Media Adoption Growing Among Corporate Counsel

by on June 10, 2010

A recent survey by Greentarget Strategic Communications indicates that executives charged with buying legal services for major corporations are becoming more and more influenced by attorney-authored blogs when making their purchasing decisions.   In fact, the survey shows that  nearly 70% of respondents between the ages of 30 to 39 expect that they will increasingly get their legal and business news through social media in the coming months.    The survey focused on the media and buying habits of  164 in-house counsel across a number of industries and may be the first in a coming wave of studies aimed at figuring out how and why social media will affect corporation’s buying decisions when it comes to legal services.

Some of the highlights of the survey are discussed at Benzinga:

“Blogs Have Arrived: Blogs are widely recognized and used by in-house counsel across age groups and company size as increasingly credible sources of news and information.
• 43 percent of in-house counsel identified blogs as among their leading sources of news and information.
• 50 percent of in-house counsel envision a future in which a high-profile blog will influence a client’s decision to hire a law firm.

Overall New Media Consumption Is on the Rise: 53 percent of in-house counsel expect their consumption of industry news and information via new media platforms will increase over the next six months to a year.

Social Media Platform Adoption Is Growing, Albeit a Generational Trend: In-house counsel usage of the big three new media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – is growing for both professional and personal reasons.
• Not surprisingly, younger counsel are leading the movement. 53 percent of counsel aged 30-39 cited social media Web sites among their leading sources of news and information compared to 25 percent of counsel aged 40-49, 24 percent aged 50-59, and 13 percent aged 60+ years.

Blurring of Lines Between Personal and Professional Usage: The intersection of one’s personal and professional on-line personae is most prevalent among younger counsel.
• Nearly half of counsel aged 30-39 have used Facebook for professional reasons in the past week.

Younger Counsel Increasingly Prefer to Access News on their PDAs: 74 percent of counsel aged 30-39 prefer or somewhat prefer to access news via their smart phones, compared to 47 percent of counsel aged 40-49, 37 percent of counsel aged 50-59, and 26 percent of counsel aged 60+ years.”

Will Skadden begin Tweeting furiously?  Probably not, but it’s obvious that law firm marketers will be using Web 2.0 tools to advance their reputations, brands, business development  and recruitment goals. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on new developments when law meets tech.

Comments?  Ideas?  News to share?


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