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Asia Insight: Working in Tokyo – “Sumo wrestling, intriguing ‘Harajuku girls’, the latest technology” and that’s just the beginning

by on June 16, 2010

We run across many attorneys who, even prior to the recession, were looking for engagements in Asia just for the experience of living abroad and experiencing a foreign culture from the inside.   Lawyer2B sums up the experiences of a lot of attorneys, especially young and single recent graduates:

“Tokyo, long seen as a major world city, is of course at the heart of the world’s second largest economy. It is simultaneously a place of strong tradition and somewhere that individuals can express themselves (perhaps outrageously) without criticism. It’s a city which has everything you need, and everything you didn’t know you needed.

I have now been in Tokyo for almost three months, and have seen much of this at first hand. It fascinates me that I can spend an afternoon in the middle of a vast crowd watching a parade at one of the many religious festivals (or Matsuri), be sitting eating sushi and tempura in one of the many popular pubs (orizakayas) by early evening and then be singing (or shouting?) the night away at one of the hundreds of Karaoke bars.” …Full article

If you want to look into launching or changing your career by working in Asia, please visit us at Law Alliance to explore some of the great job opportunities awaiting you in Tokyo.


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