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Can you get a job using social media? Yes. Yes you can.

by on July 12, 2010

The always on top of things people at Mashable have some keen insight into how job seekers can enhance their chances of landing their dream job…use social media. While the statistics are a bit old, they still support that job seekers in today’s economy need to get every advantage they can while job hunting thanks to the following state of affairs:

“In 2008, there were 1.2 million job losses, unemployment is currently at 6.5%, and the largest companies are shedding as much as 10% of their workforces. There will be 1.5 million college graduates this year, yet the job growth rate is at a six year low, at 1.3%! The amount of jobs posted online is decreasing at over 13%, which has all led to the ratio of 3.3 job seekers per each job.

Social networks are starting to become part of the criteria that both hiring managers and college admissions officers are using to weed out applicants. One in five hiring managers conduct background checks using social networks (primarily Facebook),”

We could not agree more, and in fact have a couple of favorites from the 7 tips that Mashable shares:  Subscribe to blogs that have job listings and don’t forget to integrate the traditional and social media approach. 

These seven secrets are extremely important in your next job search. The most successful job searches come from those who have already built up strong networks, both online and off. You need to integrate this new-age approach with the traditional approach you’ve already been using, in order to be consistent, so there are no surprises from the recruiter’s perspective. They want the candidate they see on paper or online.”

Perfectly put.  We have obviously adopted some social media tools to connect with and communicate with clients and candidates, but there is no substitute for some of the old job hunt skills that people needed to succeed in a pre-Facebook world.

You can read the full article here and please visit us at Law Alliance to search our legal employment listings and get more job search tips.

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