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Freshfields Tries to Make a Bigger Crack in the “Glass Ceiling”

by on July 26, 2010

As with most firms, Freshfields seeks to attract top lawyers by publicizing the diversity ot its talent pool.  To that end, the firm has introduced a pilot mentoring scheme in order to groom its female associates for positions as partners. This is of particular interest to firms operating in Asia, as these offices tend to lag behind their Western counterparts in the relative number of female partners on the rolls.  From Roll on Friday:

“Six female senior associates from departments across the firm will take part in the pilot, as part of the snappily titled “Strategic Excellence Leadership Programme”. It should be rolled out more widely if the scheme proves a success.

Billed as focussing on career development and how to be a role model and influencer – presumably not in the Kate Moss mould – the pilot will include two one day workshops and regular sessions with a senior partner mentor. Senior associates will also take part in monthly hour long coaching sessions with consultancy firm Aspire, which specialises in women’s development, according to the Lawyer.”

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To see some of the positions we have…for both men AND women, please visit us at Law Alliance.

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