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The Asia Law Blog provides an up to date resource for news and information related to the legal profession in Asia. We focus upon content relevant to both Asia based law firms and lawyers who are either practicing in the region or have an interest in moving here.

The blog is written by Law Alliance, widely regarded as one of Asia’s leading legal recruitment companies. Law Alliance provides employers throughout Asia and the Middle East with high quality legal professionals, by utilizing a highly personalized approach to placing candidates in positions that are right for them.

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  1. Robert Zinser permalink


    This a very long shot but am interested in working in Asia. I am an experienced entertainment business and legal affairs negotiator. I have worked for major studios and networks. Currently I am in private practice and a partner in a small botique firm. My undergraduate is from Pepperdine University in Business Management and JD from Wittier College School of Law. It is unfortunate that once one reaches the age of 50 in the USA you are no longer suitable for employment in a corporation. Am looking for an interesting challenge in an Entertainment Company. I have lived in Asia and am not thinking of retiring for at least 30 more years. Most familiar with Taiwan and Singapore. Would be an excellent resource for any Asian company looking to interface with North America or EU entertainment companies.

    Robert Zinser

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